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Plumbing Services In Florida

Pipedex Plumbing of Florida is here for all your home plumbing needs. If you have a problem or want an upgrade with your plumbing, then our local and expert team will happily provide the solutions. From clogged drains to pipe repairs, we offer a variety of plumbing and drain services for Florida homeowners to improve their plumbing and fix any problems they have. Contact our team and let us know how we can help!
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Our Florida Plumbing Services Include:

Faucet Installation & Repair

We can repair a noisy or leaking faucet to reduce your water utility bill. If you have a custom faucet that you don't want to replace we will do our best to find correct parts to repair it.

If you choose, we can replace your old faucet with a new efficient faucet. Water efficient fixtures, like faucets, greatly reduce the amount of water wasted with regular use.

Tub & Shower Valve Repair

Tub and shower valves leak when internal components get worn out. An existing valve might also look outdated and unsightly. Whatever the reason, we can help you by repairing or replacing the internal parts or whole valve to stop the leak and make it look better.

Regardless of the problem you are having with your water delivery system, with showers or valves, we can fix or replace components.

Garbage disposal Installation, Replacement and Repair

If your house drain line is getting clogged there is most likely an issue with it. Most common problems are sagging pipes, roots, broken or misaligned pipes. We can find an issue with a sewer video camera, locate it above ground, excavate it and replace it. After we are done we will plant grass back

Toilet Installation & Repair

One way of updating your bathroom is to replace an outdated toilet. We can always repair your toilet, but sometimes it makes more sense to replace it - especially if you don't love how it looks. We'll have your toilet switched out with a new one in as little as a day.

If you prefer to keep your current toilet that is broken or just not working properly, we can fix it. We do jobs of all sizes including replacing fill valve, leaking flapper, leaking water supply, leaking gaskets, leaking wax rings or replacing a toilet seat. As long as your toilet is not cracked, we can repair it.

Outdoor Plumbing System Repair

Outside faucets sometimes crack because of freezing temperatures or leak because of worn out internal components. We can replace your exterior faucet and fix componants that may be broken.

Properly working sill cocks are a must for connecting hoses, sprinklers and doing general watering during the warmer seasons. We'll get your outdoor plumbing system running in no time.

Plumbing Leak Detection & Repair

Have you ever had a leak? It's a frustrating circumstance. Listening to the water running from the tap, dripping in the middle of the night, literally pouring money down the drain and fearing the potential risk of mold growth. Plumbing leak detection can help fight all these problems.

Water leaks can cause a lot of damage to a home if not repaired right away. When looking for leaks in drains or water pipes, we cut the least amount of sheetrock as possible. After finding the leaks, we repair the pipe and stop water from damaging your home.

Plumbing Pipe Repair

The last thing anyone needs is a broken pipe ruining their home plumbing system. Get quality, effecient, and experienced service for all your plumbing needs from professionals that know how to repair pipes for the entire household. We repair all types of pipes, valves, drains, faucets, and more.

Shower Installation & Repair

Depending on preference, we can either replace your existing shower unit or install new one if you are remodeling your house or bathroom. Showers can be made out of fiberglass or tile and we can install any type of faucet or shower head in it. We have installed many custom valves/faucets and rain heads so don't hesitate to reach out with a special request.

When it comes to repairing showers, we work on the water supply and drain system. We can repair anything from your shower valve to shower head, drain line or strainer. When drains and water systems develop a leak, give us a call so you can continue enjoying it.

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Installation & Repair

When your kitchen faucet seems dated, starts leaking or you just don't love it anymore, we'll be available to replace or repair it. The kitchen faucet is the most noticeable and used faucet in the house; a new one will make that part of your home more appealing and desirable to be in.

New Plumbing

Plumbing lasts many years if it has been installed properly. We you would like to upgrade your home with new pipes we are here to help. We can install all types of plumbing systems.

New Construction & Remodels

We experience and knowledge to install new plumbing in your home. We can add new plumbing systems for your bathroom, kitchen or help you remodel your home.

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucet Installation & Repair

When your kitchen faucet seems dated, starts leaking or you just don't love it anymore, we'll be available to replace or repair it. The kitchen faucet is the most noticeable and used faucet in the house; a new one will make that part of your home more appealing and desirable to be in.

Similar to a kitchen, the bathroom is also one of the most used rooms in the house. Let us know if you would like to replace, repair or install new faucet in your bathroom. We repair and install all types of faucets, even those that are outdoors.

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