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Water Pipe Replacement Services In Florida

If your house has a slab leak or water and drain pipes are old and in need of repair we can completely replace all the pipes in your house. We can install new copper or PEX water pipes for water and PVC pipes for drain pipes. Sometimes when plumbing pipes are in very bad shape it makes sense to completely replace the whole system and have a new plumbing system that will last for many more years without any issues.

It is easy to forget about the fact that nothing lasts forever and this applies to the pipes in your house. We forget about pipes because they are hidden from our view, but pipes will corrode and burst and cause all kinds of leaks. Even a small pinhole leak will cause problems. We have the equipment and experience to repipe all your water and drain lines.

Contact Pipedex Plumbing & rain today to replace your water and drain pipes. Proudly serving Port Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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