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Spartanburg & Greenville Area Gas Pipe Installation & Repair

Gas pipe installation and repair is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safe and efficient functioning of gas-based systems in homes and businesses. The process involves running gas pipes from the main line to various appliances and systems such as furnaces, stoves, water heaters, and others. Proper installation requires adhering to local building codes and following industry standards to ensure the safe and secure operation of the gas system. In the event of a leak or other malfunction, repair services can be called upon to diagnose and fix the problem. This may involve fixing small leaks, replacing damaged pipes, or making other necessary repairs to restore the safe operation of the gas system.

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Our Gas Pipe Services Include:

Gas line installation

We offer gas line replacement and installation services for a variety of household appliances, such as furnaces, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, grills, and fire pits. Our expert technicians can install gas lines either inside your home or outside in the ground. Once the installation is complete, you can start using your new gas appliance and enjoy the convenience it provides.

Gas appliance installation

We provide installation services for new or replacement gas appliances in your home. Our skilled professionals can install and connect all types of gas appliances to either natural gas or propane gas systems. If the appliance requires conversion to either propane or natural gas, we can handle the conversion process and perform a safety check to ensure that everything is working properly.

Trust us to make the process of installing or replacing your gas appliances as seamless and safe as possible.

Gas stove installation

We offer services to install a new or replace an existing gas stove in your home. Our team is experienced in installing stoves and connecting them to either natural gas or propane gas systems. We can also handle the conversion process if the stove needs to be converted to either propane or natural gas, and perform a safety check to ensure that everything is functioning safely and properly.

Trust our professional team to make the process of adding or replacing your gas stove as stress-free and safe as possible.

Appliance propane gas conversion

Certain appliances sold in stores are pre-set for natural gas use, but need to be converted to propane gas before they are connected to a propane gas system. Our team can assist with this conversion process, including modifying the regulator and burners as needed. Once the appliance is connected to the propane fuel source, we will conduct a safety test and thoroughly check all components to ensure that the conversion has been done properly and the appliance is safe to use.

 You can trust us to ensure that your appliance is operating safely and efficiently.

Gas fire pit installation

Enhance your backyard experience by adding a gas fire pit to your patio. We can run a gas line from your gas meter or a propane tank to your fire pit or grill, and connect the burner so you can enjoy your outdoor space even more than before. Our team of professionals will ensure that the gas line is installed safely and securely, so that you can relax and enjoy your new gas fire pit or grill with peace of mind. Let us help you create a cozy and inviting outdoor space that you'll love spending time in.

Gas Fireplace Installation

Whether you need a replacement or a new installation, we can help you with your gas fireplace needs. We can install a new fireplace insert into your existing fire box, or even install a completely new unit in your home. Our team of professionals can provide guidance and recommendations to help you choose the right gas fireplace option for your home, and will ensure that the installation is done safely and efficiently. 

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